Overseas Hire Consulting

At PERLAS Middle East, we help businesses in UAE attract the right talents from overseas. We specialize in providing UAE businesses with skilled and unskilled workers while helping them navigate the complicated recruitment, immigration, on-boarding process, and other ‘headaches’ you may have.

The highly trained consultants at PERLAS are experts in their field and will help you with all requirements for overseas hire.

PERLAS helps with talents from Africa, the Philippines, other Asian, and European countries. Professional sectors we have a talent pool for include customer services, retail, sales, banking, healthcare, education, construction, lifestyle, IT, and other fields. Unskilled roles include nursing assistants, teaching assistants, cleaners, warehouse helpers, caregivers, waiters, barista, and many more.

Putting ourselves as a business owner, we are here to help find your best candidate, making sure they have what it takes to perform and succeed in the workplace.

In some cases, we even provide training upfront to candidates in their home country right before coming to the UAE so they can be aware of the expectations and able to adapt quickly to their new environment. Our promise is an ethical process between candidates and employers.

How Our Process Work

  • Step 1: PERLAS will first identify the needs of your UAE company. You'll need to share information such as job title & description, required volume, salary range, and other pertinent details.
  • Step 2: We’ll process the request and share it with our partner recruitment agency.
  • Step 3: From the pooled candidates, we'll shortlist and recommend the best candidate for your business. You will do your HR process of selection and due diligence and thereafter let us know what you think about the selected candidates. Then share with us necessary documents to secure government approvals for overseas hire.
  • Step 4: We'll work with our partner agency to prepare the selected applicants for deployment, including the completion of necessary documents and trainings.
  • Step 5: Finally, welcome your best candidate here in the UAE!

Our Guarantee

Immigration Processing: When you use our overseas hire consulting solution, we'll work with our partner agency to secure all documentation required for a job candidate to leave their country and arrive in the UAE safe and sound.

Monitoring: PERLAS will continue to work closely with our partner agency and your organization to ensure fair employment conditions are in place.

Interested in Our Overseas Hire Consulting?

We’re a UAE-based HR consultancy firm providing business with talent sourcing solutions. With years of experience, our network and team of experts have what it takes to help you!

Need more information? We’re able and happy to help! For more information or interest in working with us.



Local Hire Consulting

Do you have a valid UAE work visa and looking for a part-time job? If you answered yes, then PERLAS Middle East can help you.

We can provide you with a temporary work placement in the UAE. Our consultants are experts in finding you a job based on your skills, experience, and interests.

We can provide you with skilled and unskilled short-term employment. The major industries we serve are hospitality, education, IT, lifestyle, office, retail, sales, F&B, and other customer-serving jobs.

Job Seekers

If you're a job seeker and interested in finding short-term employment, complete the SignUp form on PERLAS website. After signing up, you'll automatically be enrolled in our Candidate System where you can upload your files, send and receive messages, and view/apply to job opportunities.


If you're an individual or business owner looking for qualified, hardworking, and the right part-timers to fulfill short-term roles in your company or personal projects, then you're in the right place.

We’ll match you with qualified professionals who hold valid UAE visas to support your company or business. We can provide you with diverse roles in retail, sales, customer service, hospitality, F&B, ushers, event’s staff, fashion assistants, office roles, and other customer-serving posts for your needs. We have a large database of qualified candidates fitting your qualifications.

Contact Us Today For More Information

If you're an employer looking to fill temporary roles with high-quality talents, reach out to us for more information on how we can help.



Development Training

At PERLAS Middle East, our aim is to equip you with necessary learning development, and the right tool to advance your career. Sometimes, we do the work already but find ourselves lacking qualification to get that desired promotion. We understand your challenge. We want to build you up!

So we take seriously and invest heavily in training and development programs aimed for those who wants to learn more, to develop themselves, and for those who are hungry to succeed. Human capital takes time to culture. Once you start, this results to an effective, efficient, motivated, smarter, and a happier worker.

Our training programs are supported by experienced trainers and experts in their respective fields. We believe learning is an important part of individual’s growth, and we are always on the lookout for opportunities to help people in this regard.

Get that promotion, get ahead, or just learn something new! Let us know your subject interest and we’ll share the course programme with you.